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Audição para Seth Clearwater

Achei interessante, já que falamos anteriormente dos castings para Eclipse, deixo-vos o que quem vai para o papel de Seth vai ter de fazer, AVISO que tem spoilers, ou pelo menos custuma ter, apesar de em baixo dizer que esta cena foi criada apenas para o casting e que não é utilizada no guião! Spoilers também de Breaking Dawn! Resumo antes de Ler Mais!

Project: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Role: Seth Clearwater
If you are going to submit your client or yourself, the casting office would like you to tape
the audition using the sides included here. Digitize the video using ActorCast video
settings, upload it to ActorCast and include that audition along with the normal
ActorCast package when submitting.
Taping Tips:
– Make sure that you have a well lit room.
– Have the actor stand in front of a blank white, blue or grey painted wall.
– Have someone other than the actor reading the supporting lines off camera.
– Record a test sample first and see how it looks and sounds on the computer first to
make final adjustments before taping the scenes.
– When you are ready to record the scene, make sure the actor adds a verbal “slate”
first by saying their name, the city they are from and role they are reading for.
– Make sure the actor looks at the reader during the scene and not directly at the
– Record the scenes 2 or 3 times, pausing between takes so that you can pick the best
one once youʼve had a chance to review them.
As always, if you have questions or problems, please contact ActorCast support at Weʼll be glad to help!
Break a leg!


Seth Clearwater – (Male – Age 15) is a Quileute Indian and
the youngest member of the La Push wolf pack. He is a tall,
gangly limbed boy with a huge, happy grin. The son of Harry
and Sue Clearwater and the younger brother of Leah. Seth
idolizes Jacob – and is always eager to please. [Age 14-19 to
play age 15]

Basicamente em cima diz como é que se podem inscrever nesta audição, diz o material necessário,diz também que o guião foi expressamente construído para o casting e diz que esta cena não pertence ao guião e faz uma breve descrição de Seth Clearwater – o membro mais novo da alcateia, grande, filho de Harry e Sue Clearwater, irmão mais novo de Leah, Seth tem como ídolo o Jacob e tem de ter entre 14-19 anos e ter capacidade para intrepretar 15 anos ….
Audição de SETH – vê em Ler Mais


Seth relays news of Bella to Sam and the pack.

Charlie called around till he found
Billy at my house… So, he’s
flipped out. Guess Edward and
Bella got home last week, and…
Yeah, bro, and here’s the bad news.
Charlie talked to Bella, said she
sounded bad. She told him she’s
sick. Carlisle got on and told
Charlie that Bella picked up some
rare disease in South America.
Said she’s quarantined. Charlie’s
going crazy, ‘cause even he’s not
allowed to see her. He says he
doesn’t care if he gets sick, but
Carlisle wouldn’t bend. No
visitors. Told Charlie it was
pretty serious, but that he’s doing
the best he can. Charlie’s been
stewing about it for days, but he
only called Billy now. He said she
sounded worse today.

JACOB rushes in, having heard Seth’s account.


Well, what are we waiting for…
(No one says anything for
a beat.)
Oh, come on! The treaty’s broken!

We have no proof! Maybe she is

Oh, please!

Jake, they aren’t our enemies.

Shut up, kid! Just ‘cause you’ve
got some kind of sick hero worship
thing going on with that blood
sucker, it doesn’t change the law.


They are our enemies. They are in
our territory. We take them out.

Jake, listen for a second…

No Seth. I don’t care if you had
fun fighting alongside Edward
Cullen, once upon a time.

So what are you going to do when
Bella fights with them, Jacob?


She’s not Bella anymore.


You gonna be the one to take herdown?
(Jacob winces and Seth

knows he’s hit a nerve)

No, you’re not. So, what? You
gonna make one of us do it? And
then hold a grudge against whoever
it was forever?

I wouldn’t….

Sure you won’t.
(Stares at his friend,
tensing for the fight he
doesn’t want to have)
You’re not ready for this fight,

End Scene.

É impressão minha ou isto é uma cena do Breaking Dawn? Aliás não, não é impressão minha, é mesmo! É a cena onde o Jacob quer atacar os vampiros e a alcateia está contra ele! que giro xD Gostava tanto de ver as audições… Espero que tenham olho, eu adoro o Seth! E sempre o imaginei giro, portanto não me desiludam!


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