Acabamos de inaugurar este espaço de fanfics, com uma fanfic de Ana Gordo que faz parte da nossa equipa. Uma escritora dedicada que decidiu partilhar connosco o seu talento. Porque não fazer o mesmo? Se tiveres alguma fanfic que queiras partilhar connosco manda para o mail

Yellow Porshes:

Chapter I

I was getting tired not knowing anything.

Why didn’t he said a thing? I mean, before EVERYTHING we were friends, right?

Edward and Bella had it great, so much for Rose and Emmet… they were happy. Why couldn’t I be happy like them?

“Alice, get it over with,” Bella said that morning, ” Jasper is not here, you know how things work, you shouldn’t even be worried.”

“Sorry, I am.” I proclaimed, “Maybe ‘cause I’m freaking stupid… maybe ‘cause I worry to much, still, let’s not talk about this. What’s up to the party next friday?”

I knew changing themes was easy, I did it all the time, the thoughts keept themselves in my head, and that was giving me a really messed up migraine. Bella stayed with me in most of my classes, and at lunch time, when I left, she was with Edward, and both of them meet Rosalie and Emmet in the cafeteria. I went to my Porshe and just stayed there… thinking.

When ten minutes had past, I looked at my cell phone, it was becoming rotine… I looked, and nothing would be there. It would be nice to find a “Are you okay?” once in a while, but I sure knew that wasn’t coming anytime soon, so I open my cell, and texted Jasper.

“Are we still not talking? Can you tell me why is that? I don’t know and it would be nice of you to tell me.”

I send it, not waiting for an answer that wasn’t coming. One minute later, my phone started to ring. I read the name on the screen, and pressed the aswer key.

“Hello?” – I said, my voice dry and rough.

“What the hell was that message?” – Jasper nearly scream, I had to put the phone away from me.

“It’s the truth, we are not talking for… months. We don’t have a serious or even fun talk since… I don’t even know!”

“Oh damn right you know.”

“You don’t need to be like that.”

“Things have changed Alice.”

“You promissed…” – I said, mind games where not my thing, and I hated when he did that.

“I know..” – He answered to me… a little more calm.

“It’s going to be like this then? I ignore you, you ignore me?”

“I don’t know..”

“When you figure it out, let me know. See you Jazz.” – I shut the phone off and put it under the passenger seat. I wasn’t going to be worried for the next week or so, in fact, I was going t be as worried has he had been for the last months.


  1. :$ que vergonha, a minha fic aqui exposta!

  2. Não precisas de ter vergonha, está tão gira *.*

    • Tá nada :/ estava em depre!

      • Sabes lá o que dizes -.-‘

  3. Oi! Muito interessante a idéia das fan fics!

    Eu tenho um blog:

    e faço parceria com um forum de fic: Need for fic!
    todo mês postamos uma fan fic, cada mês é escolhida de acordo com um critério…. se você quiser acessar o blog, para dar uma olhada na idéia… o forum (cujo qual eu faço parte como moderadora das fan fics dos Marotos HP) faz parcerias… lah tem várias fics Twilight, new moon, etc… seria muito interessante essa parceria!

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